Christians of... they seem to be everywhere,

Miriam-Webster defines a Christian as:
“One who professes belief in the teachings of Jesus Christ.”
Note that nowhere in the definition does it state that the 'Christian' actually follows those teachings, only that they profess to believe. There have been a few interactions:

At a particularly poignant moment I was in the company of two nurses. One told me that they would pray for me. I pointed out that every time someone said they would pray for Sherry, she got worse. (I didn't assign a cause-effect relationship, only an observation). The nurse responded “Well I won't pray for you and you will burn in hell”. The second nurse and I did not discuss the interaction, but he stayed with me for awhile and, even if I never see him again, I will consider him friend for life.

Yet another nurse would tell me that she “hoped for her sake that Sherry was a Christian”.

In several moments of need I fell for the television version of always having a church open with a priest or preacher that could provide some sort of counsel. The reality is, if you call during the week, you are left to your own devices. I dialed all of the churches in Bristol Indiana on a couple of occasions and stopped into the Catholic church in Three Rivers several times. It would seem that to talk to the leader of God's flocks now requires an appointment. I did without.

I have waited 10 months for my email address verification from the Vatican web site just in case there was anybody there. (there doesn't appear to be).

I never want to hear proselytizing from another self proclaimed religious pundit regardless of the book they are pounding.