Cork Medical of Indianapolis, Indiana:

You started out by having problems delivering the bed and mattress ordered. I still don't know what the issue was but the doctor insisted that you had the order and you seemed confused as to where it was.
When Sherry died, you told me that:
  1.  My first payment was this/that year (2016) and you were picking up the bed because I hadn't been paying for it long enough to own it.
  2.  Then, there was a problem with my account.
  3.  Then, someone would call me when you figured it out.

The call never came.

I verified that the first payment was made in the second quarter of 2015 and called you back where I was immediately told that the bed was paid off.
There was a problem with your mattress.
By the time that I figured out why Sherry was sinking into the mattress, she was too fragile to move so I could repair it.
You knowingly sent a used piece of equipment as new, one that had a design flaw in it you knew about and then offered to bill my insurance company to fix it. I managed to move some additional support under Sherry, an agonizing venture at best, and she died on a defective support mechanism that should have kept her much more comfortable than it did had it worked properly.

As far as I am concerned this was fraud. I am asking Medicare if they think it is fraud as well.

A late Coda here.
On Saturday, 10/7/17, a little over a week after this site was posted, I received a statement from you showing that I owed $52.12. The date of service, 9/11/15. Over a year before Sherry died and over two years ago total as of this writing. Considering the above transactions, I could be less surprised. Since on line records only go back a year I have little choice but to pay it and hope that you don't miraculously find additional magically appearing shortfalls.
On Tuesday, 10/10/17, four days later I received a bill for $52.12. In a separate envelope I received a check for, you guessed it, $52.12.
Yes, I too, am wondering 'What the fuck?'.