Dr. Veera Patel of Three Rivers, Michigan,

You are responsible for the additional years of life that Sherry did have. For that I will always be grateful. You determined that she was being medicated 'for a 300 pound man' and for a number of issues that weren't even relevant to her. The cold turkey method of dropping a fist full of daily medications led to her relatively quick, and correct, liver cancer diagnosis.
You might want to at least consider a couple of things. When a patient and her family will be pushed towards financial ruin by a disease such as this one, telling them that they must additionally drive from southwest Michigan to Detroit every month for pain medication prescriptions is not the logic I would expect from someone with a Doctorate degree. In addition, ruling out a medication due, I am guessing, to personal prejudice, is in the same category. (We ended up trying but eventually not using it)
Sherry actually lived well beyond your prognosis. I wonder sometimes, looking back at the last year and change, whether that was a good thing or not.