Elkhart General Hospital of Elkhart, Indiana:

Sherry was admitted for critically low potassium after being flushed through Three Rivers. She would be diagnosed with end stage liver failure there. You had a palliative care team that I would like to personally thank for professionalism above and beyond. Sherry would be moved from critical care to, as memory serves, a cancer ward. Both had absolutely wonderful care givers around the clock. There are a couple of other hospitals that we dealt with that could learn something from you, and Borgess Hospital, about patient care.

One moment I remember as being out of character for your hospital.
Three women sitting in your cafeteria. Two dressed in all black, one in all red. The one in red was narrating a conversation almost certainly that she previously had with my wife. Some exchange about toast she ordered. I don't quite remember what. I do remember the gist of the statements of the woman dressed in red. “I don't know who she thinks she is. Where does she think she is at? This isn't the Hilton. I don't have time to deal with shit like that. I am busy running the register” The girl was correct. Sherry was not at the Hilton. An 11 day stay at the Hilton would not cost nearly $60,000.