Goshen Wound Center of Goshen, Indiana:

I was smart enough to know that caring for Sherry would be outside my area of expertise but too stupid to actually research it. I realized I was in trouble when a chunk of Sherry's flesh fell out of her left hip leaving a hole big enough to put three fingers through without touching the edges.

I am glad that you were wrong about the wound never healing (it did) but am grateful for the care you gave her for the pressure wound I brought her in for and the meticulous exam that led to you finding additional ones on her first visit. (I was unaware there was more than one)
It is unfortunate that we needed your services but I enjoyed working with your staff to eventually fully heal all of her pressure wounds, educating me on care, prevention and detection as well as prescribing the mattress that would prevent her from ever having additional ones. I would easily recommend your services to anyone.