Henry Ford Hospitalof Detroit, Michigan:

I spent more than a week researching hospitals for Sherry's surgery. After going over as many reviews, comments, evaluations, write-ups etc., I chose you. You had higher scores in almost everything. Save one. Post operative complications. Which presented itself in the form of an abscess on her liver resulting in an ambulance ride from Three Rivers to Detroit shortly after her initial surgery.

One of a couple of things that haunted Sherry until she no longer was aware enough to speak, her wedding band and a diamond engagement ring. You signed for them in pre-op for 'safe keeping' and when it came time to retrieve them, not only would you not return them, but nobody at your facility could even tell me where they were supposed to have gone to. She blamed me until she died. Perhaps she was right. If I had been a little more forceful, someone there would have been beaten and bloody and Sherry might have recovered something she truly cherished. As it is, her wedding band and diamond disappeared in your care. I quit wearing mine because every time she saw it she was reminded that hers was gone, frequently moving her to tears. Mine is included in your copy of this letter. Perhaps you can give it to whoever stole Sherry's rings. It no longer has any meaning for me.