The below was one item that made things a little more difficult during her illness. If any of you don't believe that a 'Christian' organization would fall short of full out sodomy, you should consider the below excerpt. A copy of the sequence of events is here.

Documents concerning his subsequent surgeries and convalescence is being gathered and will be added shortly.

Jayco, Middlebury Indiana,

During Sherry's illness her son, Micheal John Neiman, would be injured on the job. Jayco, or their minions, Sentry Insurance and South Bend Orthopaedics, would ferry him from doctor to doctor and to various therapists. He would be told by multiple therapists that they were further damaging his arm. He would be eventually shuffled to a doctor who would tell him that there was nothing wrong with him and if there was, he could quit smoking and it would fix itself. He would be released from workman's comp as 'already healed' and released from Jayco until he healed enough to come back to work. Notes about his treatment are at this address. A searchable copy will be added to the web posting of this letter. Sherry would empty her retirement account, in part, to support Michael for nearly a year while two surgeries and subsequent healing times and therapy repaired extensive damage to his arm. IT IS CLEAR THAT JAYCO'S CLAIM TO CHRISTIANITY EXTENDS ONLY TO THE CLAIM AND NOT THE ACTUAL PRACTICE. I attempted to inform Jayco of this issue (I was using my income to support Michael John as well) and was met with the studied indifference that I have come to expect from the followers of the Gentle Jesus.