This is where it begins:

Pro-Med, Three Rivers Michigan,

I was shown the door at Pro-Med for a poorly thought out statement about a nurse's height.

I probably earned at least that.
Sherry was shown the door at Pro-Med because she missed an appointment. She was, at the time, pushing 60, working 60-80 hours a week and harboring, according to her Henry Ford surgeon, a 6cm (about two and a half inches) roughly three year old liver tumor.

She was diagnosed at Pro-Med after a scope was shoved down her throat with “mildly irritated stomach lining”. Her pain medication, prescribed for other issues, was often arbitrarily reduced on refill and her need for it was questioned. Repeatedly.

Doctor Newhouse appeared to think she was playing him for drugs. The 'doctor' and his side kick Terry 'I'm not a doctor' McLive couldn't be bothered to actually look for the cause of ever increasing pain and loss of strength.

What one loses when diagnosed with something like this, after your job with its pay, gratification, good health insurance and sense of purpose, is mobility and then your friends. Sherry had only 2 friends from her past and one new mutual friend. So on the event of her death, there were few enough people to attend a funeral that I could count them on my fingers. To flesh this out, I invited the two medical professionals (technically, a professional is someone who does something for a living. It does not specify their competence) through Borgess a few weeks before she died and through their office the day after to her funeral. They declined to respond. So Sherry died without obituary, funeral or memorial service. This Three Rivers office showed the same concern for her after her death that they showed her when she was a patient.

I will make it my life's work until my death to educate people of the perils of using this office.

To 'I'm not a doctor', I have attached Sherry's med list. Note that these oral meds were not what she was taking at the end. For the last several weeks of her life she was getting injections of Lorazepam hourly, Diazepam every four hours, morphine every hour and Scopolamine suppositories every four hours as well as 20-40mg/hr of Dilaudid.

The next time you tell someone that 'you are on a boat load of pain pills', compare it to this.

Sherry's med list until the last few weeks can be downloaded Here: