I was hired to work there in order to allow you time off at the end of the year. I promised that I would stay long enough to afford you that time off. Three things happened within days of each other.

  1.  Monte would tell me that I would not work any overtime and it was too late in the year to work on the construction crew for the added income.
  2.  I received an unsolicited offer to work at more than double my wages plus a benefit package and
  3.  Bills from Sherry's latest ER visit started rolling in.

I asked the president of the new company for a delay to start to cover my promise and I was summarily denied. Unfortunately in an ever conservative America where workers are simply chess pieces to be moved around the board I was left with two less than ideal choices and no wiggle room.
I am grateful for the help you provided Sherry while I was there and humbly beg your forgiveness for breaking that promise. I am sorry for my decision but I needed to take care of Sherry.