Sedgwick of Memphis Tennessee:

Sedgwick is a company that deals with the disability insurance that Sherry had purchased through Meijer Stores. They would lose her medical records, screw up payments, threaten discontinuation if certain tasks were not met. When they lost her records they signed the postal receipt in block letters as SEDGWICK, so we couldn't even tell who picked them up. They would then point out that the mail was a bad idea since they couldn't keep track of where records went to when receiving mail and instead we were to FAX them. So, from a signed USPS parcel to a community FAX machine with sensitive medical records.

I turned them into the BBB. They would respond that we were just upset because they had held one month's payment due to previous over payments they had mistakenly made.

I would be upset, of course, since I had been told that this would be corrected by a reduction over a number of months. It wasn't.

So now I have no additional motivation to address this but to point out what incompetent ass hats they were. This excerpt will be forwarded to everyone that I can think of that might be interested, posted on every website that I can find relevant and left on my own sites as search engine indexed content.