Sturgis Hospital of Sturgis, Michigan:

We had several trips to Sturgis. They are certainly more competent than Three Rivers but have some issues. The ER is professional to a fault. I would have absolutely no issues after several visits.

One trip resulted in the removal of a PICC line which had probably been in too long. Another piece of information that I was ignorant of. The PICC line location developed a blood clot which had caused her arm to swell significantly and impart significant pain. It was replaced with an Implanted Port in her chest. This was a significant improvement over the PICC line.
Eventually the Implanted Port would become infected and clogged and had to be replaced.

An IV was placed for the night in the ER and I brought her back for the replacement.

The decision was made to install another PICC line until the chest infection was brought under control.

The surgeon removed the clogged Implanted Port but couldn't be bothered to install the PICC line, instead having Sherry and I wait there for yet another appointment that day with some perceived lesser minion to install the PICC line. Note that at this time Sherry was extremely frail, in an intense amount of pain and waiting in a hospital on a gurney for another person to do another related procedure.

They couldn't get the PICC line in either arm.
I had to use an IV line for Sherry's infused pain medication that night, make another appointment and have the same surgeon install another Implanted Port the next day. This involved another grueling trip for Sherry. Four trips to accomplish one thing.

As an aside, the surgeon, from an office on 12 just west of Sturgis hospital on the south side of the road, would accuse Sherry and I of 'Playing the Hospice system' because her symptoms could be 'managed outside of the Hospice system'. Sherry would die in the next couple of months. I wonder if this was soon enough for his tender sensibilities?