An addendum to the bottom  excerpt.

I have noticed of late, and I guess it could have always been this way, that when speaking of well being, wealth, security etc. Americans in general use pronouns indicative of self almost exclusively. The exception seems to be a person or persons that are close to that 'self'.

Jesus, whom Christians claim to follow, told us to take care of one another. He had relatively little to say about taking care of the well being of 'self'. He taught tolerance, peace, a litany of goals to make life on the planet more worth living for others.

A fairly common conversational meme is the vehement complaint concerning the assistance of those others. Some of these issues would easily, demonstrably, benefit the person complaining. The fact that public assistance of any kind, Medicaid, Food Stamps, WIC, HUD, 'socialized' health insurance might be available to someone who would milk that system makes it a poison pill for the majority who wouldn't. In other words, if compelled to do so, Christians will argue that the people that they are compelled to help are undeserving.

I find it a dichotomy that those who are scripturally tasked to work for the benefit of others are most likely inclined to whine about actually doing so.

When noting the apparent lack of actual adherence to Biblical scripture with those who lay claim to a personal relationship with the Ghostly Trio, I have a card in my wallet that mirrors the response that almost always follows my observation. On one side it says “Not at my church”, on the other it says “That's those OTHER Christians”.

At this point Sherry would have had mastitis for about three months believed to actually be breast cancer, a skin tag along her lower lip that is almost half the mass of her lip due to loss of tissue mass and irritation from her dentures, a likely broken hip from trying to go to the bathroom without help, edema in her right leg that measured more than 29 inches around her thigh and 15 around her ankle and muscle atrophy that would allow me to touch my thumb and forefinger in the same place around the left leg. Four days before her death her kidneys would completely shut down.