Three Rivers Hospital of Three Rivers, Michigan:

We have used your 'services' a number of times. Each one has left me at a loss as to why I bother. The last trip in, a very tall ER doctor badgered me as to “who makes your GP's other diagnoses for him”. A woman doctor lied “you have to go through the emergency room in order to be admitted at Elkhart General”. Bad enough to be little else than a way station on the way to a real hospital, but you made us incur additional ER costs and additional time waiting at a facility who verified that what you told us was patently untrue.

At Three Rivers Health/Hospital on other occasions, for both of us:

If this were a chronology, you would appear many times here each one with some observation as to how inept and ineffective you are. I finally quit bringing her there and opted for the further away but much more hospital-like Sturgis hospital. Even when minutes or seconds count, they were still a better option.

You are a pointless organization. You could be replaced by an urgent care office and an ambulance.