Email to her family and Hospice seven days prior:

On Sep 18, 2016, at 3:53 PM, Mike <> wrote:

Friday morning Sherry had dementia to the point that she no longer understood why she was bed ridden or that she was ill. She asked when this all happened.
I think this might be the most painful question I have ever been asked.
I administered Ativan and Promethazine inject-able to help her rest/sleep.
By lunch time she had nervous tremors to the extent that her entire body would arbitrarily twitch even when asleep
Yesterday she was no longer communicative and could not be brought out of semi-consciousness.
Towards evening she started having short mild seizures.
I would tell her I loved her afterwards, wipe her mouth and cover her. She would say “I love you” repeatedly until it dwindled out. This would be the last time she speaks.
I received what hospice calls a 'care' package yesterday morning which had a number of drugs to deal with this stage.
Already several of the drugs are of no practical value.
As of now, today, she is having grand mal seizures every 15 to 30 minutes which last from 1 to 3 minutes.
Hospice has just left and has arranged with a Kalamazoo pharmacy to courier inject-able Ativan and Valium in order to reduce the frequency and intensity of the seizures.
I should have them in the next few hours. I will administer the injections every six hours.
Yesterday's care package had a liquid morphine (she can no longer take pills) which was dosed at 5mg / 4 hrs. It has been raised to 20mg / 1 hr.
Her Dilaudid drip has been increased from 20mg / hr to 40 mg / hr (including boluses)
I wish there was something else I could do.

Sorry for the news