Heartland Hospice, Grand Rapids Michigan, at the end.

I don't know what employees at Heartland earn for their efforts. It is almost certainly not enough. Varying skill sets, strengths, weaknesses, personalities as is the case with any group of people.
Without exception I saw a level of dedication in this organization that I have seen nowhere else save the military. Considering the fact that the end of nearly all of their patients is going to be that of Sherry's, I am hard pressed to comprehend the level of compassion expressed by members of this organization without believing that many struggle to ward off deep depression daily. Some, I would believe, unsuccessfully. Several developed relationships with her that had to be painful in the end.

Dr. Drake; no, I didn't select that option. Instead I stood by and did nothing. I suppose there is no way to determine which would have been worse. I can say that of the things that I feel daily when I think back on what she went through, that guilt, particularly in that matter, amongst a handful of other guilt worthy things, is the most difficult to live with. It is one of two things that I would do differently were I given another chance.

A special thanks to those of you who did developed personal relationships with Sherry and to a lesser extent myself. With the loss of all of her earlier friends and the scarcity of family contact, you were her primary connection with the outside world. I truly appreciate it.

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