This site documents people, places, occurrences and issues that affected Sherry and I during an extended, terminal, illness. It is an original broken into sections the aggregate of which was sent to most of those involved, with a few notes added.

A number of people did not end up in the original document for one reason or another. A few:

Daniel Czajkowski of Farrand Funeral Home, White Pigeon, Michigan. I am not a good judge of people but his professional demeanor carries over into his private dealings. So even if it is an act, I am buying it as authentically decent human. (who happens to have opinions that aren't mine but are still respectable) Eminently diplomatic and in a sea of people otherwise, interesting to talk to.

Dr. Clemency of South Bend Orthopaedics, South Bend, Indiana.
Who can magically diagnose an injury that requires surgery and months of recovery as untreatable and, seemingly, painless save for that in ones imagination. (That would be the theory anyway)

American Electric Power (AEP). Before she died she would want to sit under her 3 Willow trees. She would not believe that they had been cut down. AEP would systematically butcher the trees, citing protection of power lines, to the point that they were dying. They were cut down several years earlier to protect the house. She didn't remember. I do.

Scott Kosnicki of Sentry Insurance, Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Scott's ability to find a physician who will parrot the client company's wishes counter to the needs of the employee is no doubt a teachable skill. I would be surprised to not find him offering an on line class.

 A written copy of this site was completed and mailed on June 16, 2017 to 19 individuals and organization. Only one would respond. Henry Ford Hospital out of Detroit, Michigan. More than three months have passed. This site, originally intended to be made public in July, will go live on the one year anniversary of her death. Perhaps I can get a couple more respondents.

A PDF of this site is available here.
A PDF list of recipients is available here.

To Whom It May Concern,
I started writing this a month after my Sherry's death and am trying to finish by June 16. That would have been her birthday.
I am chronicling, roughly, my late wife's illness and acknowledging those who were involved with her during her illness in one way or another and to a minor extent, after her death. If you receive a copy of this letter, you are one of those. If something doesn't look like it makes sense, it is a personal message to someone. Whether or not you bother reading this is, of course, up to you. I will post it on the internet at the end of July for later reference. For those of you who need access to medical records to validate statements, I explicitly authorized it. Most will have a power of attorney on file. If you don't, ask. I will provide one. Not everyone here is involved in her treatment, but you all are involved in some way with her life. Many observations are my opinions which I can generally back up with documentation.
With one exception, this will be roughly in chronological order.

The exception, Heartland Hospice...